Sploop based game, on The Hive


I suggest to add a game based off of the Sploop game from the Hive java

More information:

After voting a map in the game it should open another UI and let’s you pick Kits (eg. Shooter[long range but creates less paint] and Roller[short range but create more paint]), for in game cosmetics you can get different projectile trails, player trails, and death particles. when a player dies the make a small explosion of the enemy’s coloured but unlike Sploop it is a 4v4 instead of 4v4v4v4 and the name could be Paint Wars and probably would be a LTM

Gosh my grammar tho ;-;

This would likely make its way into Mixed Arcade, which will also include Block Party.


I’m obsessed with cubecrafts block party so when Mixed Arcade releases I’ll be playing Mixed Arcade all day :joy:

CubeCraft doesn’t have Block Party

It does it’s a part of the beta games

I’m sure he meant Java Edition

When i first saw the title all i thought was
“Hehe Sploopdger”