Spleef & Mount Bug (not banneable?)

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On the Arcade Hub, the game known as “Spleef”.

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Well, it isn’t a bug at all. In fact it consist that a player who haves the mount, can use it on the Spleef arena, then, disturbing the players who are playing and confusing them making kind of unfair.

The bug can be maded just by /q for Spleef and after playing you get tped into the Spleef build and you use the mount and fly over the “glass walls” and get into the arena. Then you just ask on chat if two people can join spleef and done, now you can use the mount on it.

How to resolve this: Adding barriers or invisible walls so this bug it’s fixed and can’t be used anymore.

My opinion about the bug: I hope it kind of doesn’t gets fixed because it’s pretty funny, but I had to report it because I’m sure people are starting of seeing this. And it’s kind of unfair for the people who plays Spleef if the person who uses the mount just distract them making more “difficult” the game.

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I’m using Nintendo Switch and the version 1.19.10 of Minecraft (Bedrock). But I think this still won’t matter because I have tested it with others friends and they are on others platforms and stills work.

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I don’t have one by the moment. Im sorry, but I will try on a future make some videos or ss to show it!

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This issue is known and logged, and will be fixed in a future update.

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