Splat- Mixed arcade

The Hive love making variations on classic games. Now I am sure most players have played the game in which you have to color the floor by whatever name it’s taken on that server. So what if the Hive had their own.
The aim, as stated, is to have the most blocks in your color on a map. In mixed arcade I propose this:
The player would spawn on a platform. They would spawn with

  • a brush that paints one block at a time (infinite use). Only can color the canvas.
  • 3 splash potions that cover multiple blocks at once and can over ride other player’s colors
    Chests will spawn across the platform with knock back Nemos inside. these will let players knock each other off.

Hmm this sounds interesting. I can’t help but feel like I’ve played this somewhere before. You mentioned that the Hive likes to make variations on classic games. I feel like there needs to be more variations to this to make it more unique, but this is a good start. :slight_smile:

It’s a CBCRFT boss micro game.

its also somewhat familiar to sploop on the hive java

perhaps if the blocks disappear 5 seconds after being colored and the game still counts the amount a player has colored in the back ground.