Spin Off Of Murder Mystery


“So one day this idea just came to my head for Murder Mystery. Basically when you die in murder mystery you would have a 25% chance or something like to have an option pop up called the Ghostly Games. Now in the Ghosty Games first of all there would be new maps and new cosmetics and stuff but the XP would be linked, like to XP you earn in normal mm would also count towards the Ghostly Games XP and vice versa. But more importantly in the Ghostly Games you would earn 2x the XP but you can also lose XP, for example of you die or if you lose a game me you would lose XP. And if you have hive+ the gain would be 4x the XP but you would lose more XP than normal players (ALSO MM’S MAX LVL IS 100!). Then again to prevent it from killing the normal murder mystery it would have a small chance of appearing as an option. Anyways to sum it all up The Ghostly Games would have a small chance of appearing, it would have new maps and cosmetics, the xp between normal mm and this would be shared, it gives you a 2x xp boost but you can lose xp, if you have hive+ you get a 4x xp boost but you can lose more xp than normal players. One more thing the XP buff doesnt have to be 2x it could be 1.4x or something else, whatever floates your boat. Anyways byee.”

  • Miril 777 (couldn’t work out the forums so I sent this for them)
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imo you should lose 25 exp if you die, 50 for hive+. Also seems like a fairly good idea.