Spell of 0 gravity

Spell of 0 gravity (working title) would be basically slow falling and jump boost combined. It would be useful for ender pearl clutching and block clutching or it could be used for jumping walls ect. It would be rare and only obtainable through ender chests and mystery chests.

if this happens to be a duplicate or just a terrible idea like all my other posts plz don’t get mad :slight_smile:

This is a pretty cool idea :slight_smile: . I’m still slightly confused on how it would work specifically. Would it cause the person to just float up or would it just be an effect after they jump?

An effect after they jump

Personally, I think it should make the player stay still in the air, not going up or down when it’s used.

Slow falling and jump boost combined is basically normal falling. We already have the spell of leap in SkyRoyale (I’ll be it, nobody plays it), so that’s probably not a good idea. I think a spell of slow falling would actually be a good idea. It would drastically help for ender pearl clutching, although may be a bit overpowered. I can tell you that I have lost a lot of games to the falling mechanics. I once tried ender pearling to an island, died, and I teleported there when I was spectating.

Honestly, pretty cool idea :slight_smile:.

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Yes I agree the jump boost was kind of just an added idea so I could call it 0 gravity but I agree. And btw yes I too have lost so many games to falling mechanics :slight_smile:

it could be cool if it prevented opponents jumping if it was a splash potion so you could either use it for clutching on your self or prevent an opponent jumping

so basically flying? heck no, that could be super overpowered.