Some game mode ideas

I totally forgot the vote thing existed so i’ll be cutting up the suggestions and removing the bad ones.

Treasure wars

  1. Remove pearl damage
    I hate when i’m trying to go to an island island without a bridge and use my pearl, i get shut down since i lose 3 hearts and am at a disadvantage. This would also be good for trying to survive from getting pushed into the void.

  2. Gold generator
    the gold gen is good but i think they should make it so everyone could get gold. I didnt like when people hogged the generators and i still think its not cool when you can share the generator, so i think if they make everyone get gold for the generator it could be better. I know people will say “oh but then people could just rush the whole game” so they should make the generator slower in the process.

  3. Fill in hollow spots on the maps
    Sometimes games last forever from looking for people who block glitch into some map structures. Filling in the structures could prevent this since trying to glitch in would be impossible and pearling would kill them.

I feel like the hot-cold suggestion would just make hiding a bit pointless. If you’re new to the game, well, that sucks, but eventually you’ll learn all the maps with time.

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Please don’t list different suggestions in one post :))


I hope they add this to Skywars, but i don’t think TW needs this

They’re fine bruh

will be fixed soon

I really like this idea, could you make a suggestion for only this so I can vote for it?


They definitely should do something about this, I would vote for this

I can’t see this being added as a gamemode, I guess it could be a effect you could buy for coins ingame and everyone gets the effect, for example

I am against this. Did you try going for emerald ores

they’re rare enough, and been nerfed already

Please don’t add so many ideas for every gamemode in one suggestion. I can understand several for one gamemode, but not this

Hey there, as stated above by @Stick, Hive does not accept suggestions that are lists. Please only post one suggestion per thread, in the correct subcategories.