Some blocks dont break when inside them

Affected Service
SkyWars, EU

What is the bug?
When inside certain blocks, such as cobwebs, the cobweb does not break the first time. The block will replace itself multiple times before eventually allowing you to break it. This only happens when inside the block, for example, if a cobweb is placed at your feet or head. This affects gameplay as you are unable to escape a cobweb because it breaks and unless you have an ender pearl, it’s basically fighting or game over (granted you don’t manage to walk out of it of course).

How to recreate:

  1. Enter a SkyWars game.
  2. Obtain a Cobweb.
  3. Get stuck inside the Cobweb.
  4. Attempt to break the Cobweb.

Expected Outcome
The Cobweb should break and you should be freed after the breaking time is finished.

Actual Outcome
The Cobweb is replaced multiple times before you are freed.

Device(s) & Version
Xbox One, 1.18.12

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Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report. I have gone ahead and logged this as an issue.

You may continue to experience this problem until a fix is deployed, but rest assured, our developers are working on it.

Hope you have a wonderful day! :blobheart:


Hey there :wave:

This issue has been fixed :tada:

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