[solved] Add report item in post game

Basically its really annoying when you see a cheater in the game and still win the game because it becomes very hard to report them given the very limited time you get in the post game.
I know you can /report but this wastes the valuable seconds you have to actually report the person, especially on console where typing can be slow.
to combat this I would like the report item to be able to quickly report postgame and/or allow people to use /report on people from the previous game while in the main hub.

Can’t you just report them when you see them hacking or when you die?

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you can report midgame but sometimes your priority is on staying alive and edging out that win.
the issue is not that its impossible to report, just that in some situations it can take too long


This is already a thing
After a game do /hub or something
If you do /recentreplays it brings up a drop down thing where you select the game you want to report
Click on the game
Click on the player
Select a reason
And it reports them


what if you dont have replaypass?


u dont need replay pass


oh great, thanks!


Already Implemented