Solution to hide and seek's cheater problem

Treat hide and seek boundaries as just build plots.

The anticheat seems to struggle detecting when people walk through solid walls (crazy, i know), so why not make the “OOM” exploiters/hackers teleport back to the middle of the map?

for example: add safe areas (the areas intended to be used) and make the boarders/certain height of the map “red zones” where you get teleported back to the middle of the map. it would make cheating practically futile, and would save SO many complaints from seekers and legit players.

idk how practical this would be, but its worth a shot i guess.

Great idea, but maybe change the title so people actually see it.

its not a want its a need


i made that the title because thats literally what will happen, but i will change it regardless lol

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I completely forgot about this in JB, This should probably be in every game like MM and SG, etc too!