Social Features Suggestions

allow blocking user


Adding to this and what @TallScissors938 said, a toggle that makes it so you are unable to be joined when clicking “Join Server”.


Woah that’s what I was thinking great minds think alike

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add a toggle that would make it so you can only be invited to the same party/cs every 30 seconds or something, to prevent spamming

i’m aware that ppl already suggestion things simalar to this, in this thread.

just an fyi

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a toggle to block party/friend/swarm/cs invites for a certain amount of time. eg 2 mins, 30 min, 1hr and custom etc etc

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I think it would be a nice touch to have hub titles in the friend list. Sounds like a nice idea, considering the second row isn’t used


Let’s try to keep the conversation about suggestions for the social aspects of the server :slightly_smiling_face:


•-• somethin that lets you see what friends you accidentally unfriended in the last 48 hours or so just incase someone manages to mistap that unfriend button and the future are you sure (1 my friends accidentally unfriends like 2x a day tryin to find my server lol)

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to add onto this, maybe like /p autoqueue to autoqueue when all players in the party are dead? sometimes i dont notice when party members die


True, but it depends on the game.

Maybe add a groups feature so you can create groups of friends so when you want to invite certain friends you could invite just that group

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wow y’all are insane with your ideas


This is a suggestion for the Party-Invite Problems

Maybe punch to add as a friend aswell as punch to add to the party system!


Make it so that you can invite multiple friends at once. So you click on a friend to invite to the party it doesn’t close the menu and you can can continue inviting others and then you click done at the end or something


Friends with names such as
@SneakyRafiiki1 that extra i is easily overlooked
would like to speak with you

Sorry about the ping


you still don’t need that suggestion. it tells you in chat who your unfriended.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned, and it doesn’t really fit in, but please make it so that when a cs ends, and the host hasn’t made too many cs’s that day, send everyone that was in the cs into a new Cs lobby with the same settings.



I am massivly confused

Names that can be difficult to remember

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