So much sweats in Treasure Wars

In my opinion, there are way too many sweats in Treasure Wars. Like, the game isn’t even fun anymore! I always seem to have bad teammates. Does this happen to other people or just me?

P.S please don’t make fun of me.


well im kind of a sweat

but i can see where you’re coming from. i do get hate for “not playing the game correctly”

you can always do /q wars to get into a different game and i suggest if you see someone over level 30 or something do that


woah that’s crazy, thanks for sharing :+1:


wow people are better than me i must go on to complain


exactly my opinions ngl

wayyyyy too many sweats


I mean, if you don’t want to fight sweats, play during non-peak times for your region. There seems to be less on then. If you don’t want to do that, and don’t want to learn pvp, learn traps and ways to get them to cross a bridge so you can snowball them off.


Honest question, what exactly are you trying to accomplish via posting this? Ik dealing with people playing at a different intensity isn’t fun, but still.


Treasure Wars doesn’t have sweats. If you want actual sweats, you play sky wars. It’s a more pvp based game and is faster. I am kind of a sweat in tw but nearly always get destroyed in sw because I don’t requeue even when some lvl 40 sweat joins.

Imo, only tw-trios and duos are sweaty games. And that too rarely.


Eh it’s just the different ways the game works, you don’t really need to be good at pvp in treasure wars, since it’s more of a speed/strategy based game. I personally find Survival Games and Skywars pretty easy due to being good at pvp, but I’m only somewhat ok at treasure wars


just get good like doing combos and learning the Strat. Thats how I turned into a sweat. Alternatively you could find a less sweaty server to play on

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Being a decent pvper, I don’t die in the start of sg because there aren’t many sweaty queues. 90% of the matches are filled with newbies. ive seen only 3 or more sweaty queues in sg. Else, sg is just filled with teamers and or hackers.

Sky Wars. I play it just to learn comboing.

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That’s definitely a good point, but we are starting to veer off-topic

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Just rq until theres a game without sweats

Play solos


what do you want the hive team to do about it? make a rule against sweating? i’m afraid the chances of that happening are a little low


Just get good lol w tapping is op

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Sky wars is calm, treasure wars whither has sweats or noobs

I recently got back into actual TW games, I play solos casually and squads if I want a lot of xp, because I took a break from normal TW I’m only a lvl 40

Which region?
I’ve been queued with lord dayy even after I leave the server and rejoin

if there is confusion know dayy is a really sweaty player

I play EU but went on NA a longtime ago

Hi mir passiert das andauern, wenn du einen Schlechten Teammate hast ist das Spiel eigendlich schon Vorbei… Deswegen würde ich immer mit guten Freunden spielen. Außerdem macht TW ausdem grund bald keinen spaß mehr da man in den ersten 30sekunden gerusht wird. Außerdem werden Gute-Spieler immer wieder al" noobs hacker oder kind" bezeichnet…

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