Snowballs and minecraft mechanics

atm we all know how useful snowballs are in pvp and knocking people off the bridge it is one of the best items in treasure wars and is the only counter to the infamous diamond armor. but there is a problem that i have with snowballs and that’s how they can be spammed while ignoring the 0.5 second damage cooldown in minecraft (knockback and damage can only be dealt once every 0.5 seconds in normal situations) and this feature is imo very unnecessary and very broken as it makes late fights impossible to win and stops good players from dueling with swords. in a normal melee 1v1 one snowball is enough to gain an advantage and is enough to knock someone off a bridge so this feature imo shouldn’t exist as it only helps bad players escape duels and it isn’t legit minecraft pvp.

Hello :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding your point correctly, you want snowballs to be removed from Treasure Wars. If this is what you are suggesting, then this post belongs in the #suggestions section. This section is a place where you can describe your idea in detail and then people can vote to add (or in this case, remove) it if they agree with you. Personally, I appreciate snowballs quite a bit… they’ve gotten me out of so many bad situations. I see where you’re coming from, but I would rather they be left in the game because I think it helps balance out the game play. Plus, it adds another element of strategy to think through which I’m always a fan of. :penguin:


oh no I’m a snowball fan myself just not the hive version of it. it hits too fast making it too spammy and not really used as a tool for starting a combo (like a rod)

Make sure to vote for your own suggestion :blush: