Snow wars xp questions

ok so i have 2 questions that i need answered:

  • how much xp do you get per kill in snow wars
  • how much xp do you get per win in snow wars.

i couldn’t find these on the website, but i just want to know as i’m trying to max it as soon as possible

Sorry I don’t know the answer but not tryna bring you down but some ppl are lvl 5 with boosters… but you can still get max lvl fast but not first sadly :cry:

not what youre looking for but here

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yeah i already knew about that

but ty nonetheless

I think it is 1.5 xp per kill because my first game I got 2 kills (Don’t Judge ok) and I looked at my stats and it said I had 3 xp I didn’t win the round

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Then for a win in snow wars, it will be 20xp (I think)

If you have hive plus it will be 1.5 but normally it would we 1 xp per kill (do you have hive plus?)

I ment NF but ok. If he has hive plus that would confirm a kill give you 1 xp

Yes I do have Hive plus

I’m lvl 8 lol

Ok that confirms 1 kill = 1 xp

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I finally maxed it