Snow wars insane trickshots

sub if like I’m close to 1K subs and I wanna hit it by Christmas or at least before 2020
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I’m garbage with a bow, so watching this was very satisfying xD

Every time I play this game, I lower my FOV to 72 to be able to actually aim


I do max fov to feel like a try hard pro or something

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I’m level 10 and I was so good every game that I was pretty much on every podium at the end every time. (I hope that didn’t sound like me bragging lol) I made some crazy trick shots too! Nice job! You’re great! :slight_smile:

How much did you play for level 10

I’m not sure… 2.5-4 hours(?)

I’m definitely not the best player out there, but I managed to reach level 10 in 162 games

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Gosh, I’m only level six, but I am only at 86 games, so maybe it’s just playtime?

I watched the video…
I’m impressed and depressed at the same time

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