Skywars/Treasure wars bridging

•-• okie here me out here

Gravel/Sand blocks•-•

delay the drop time by like a second on these blocks u could do a jump bridge without leaving a bridge for the opponents to use•-•
•-• also could just make it like a pressure plate it has to be stepped on to drop as long as your on it your safe

Why would this be useful though? It’s general Minecraft knowledge that sand and gravel fall, so I don’t think many people would even try to jump bridge with them. Also, how are you getting sand and gravel in TreasureWars? :thinking:

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•-• im askin for it to be added and itll be useful for certain close maps where u wanna get there without them getting to yours via your bridge

This would be cool, but I don’t really see the use of it.

Hmmm. That would be nice I guess, but we have ender pearls/boomboxes for that. Also, TreasureWars is meant to be a team-based game (except for solos of course), I don’t think adding this would encourage teamwork.

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•-• true but most games end up being carried by 1 player anywho and figured itd be like a cheap pearl

I could kinda see this for SkyWars but not treasure wars.

And ThanPixel has a good point.

I tried bridging with sand in a normal world. it did not go well it disappeared before i could place another block in front of it even when jump bridging. Maybe hive could get a plugin in the small chance that this is added?

Maybe a 1 second delay and maybe gravel (not sand, doesn’t make sense in Skywars) can come from iron ore? And for Treasure wars, I don’t know… :man_shrugging:

this dude watched 1 fruitberries video


It has proven op•-•/ boo yah

It’s alr implemented

No need for the bump

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Just use crumbling cobblestone