SkyWars Kits Duo

Skywars Kits was recently launched only for Solo, so why not Duos, I think it’s great and it should be also Playable with Friends

I think that the skywars kits LTM is just a trial to see if people like the idea, and if they do, it might come to duos, trios and squads.

Just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.


It’s not an LTM, it’s Permanent

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Hey saw you on the discord.

Make sure you vote on your own suggestion, and Hive is probably considering adding a duos version but is wanting to see how well people enjoy solo’s first.

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Saying this isn’t allowed

It isn’t allowed if you are only saying that in your post alone and not giving any constructive criticism/ information to the suggestion.


Bump + how do I vote for this

Good point I see no vote button

idk what I’m saying just ignore me lol

You need to refresh the page, then its up there