Skywars chemist kit

**More Hive Kits: **

The chemist Kit:

The chemist kit gives you one bucket of water and one bucket of lava, it also gives you fire resistance over the game.:

Let me know if you like this suggestion :slight_smile:

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lava and water bucket does not work on hive :slight_smile:

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Yes, we have never seen working buckets on the Hive, that’s exactly why i want them to be in kits :slight_smile:

I believe due to how the server is established, water and lava buckets don’t operate on Hive. I’m supposing that if they were to add this, the Build Team would have to modify a lot of other physics.

If it’s a chemist kit I would think there would be more potions instead of water and lava

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maybe instead of a water and lava bucket, you could do a spash regen or instant health. idk but no buckets

to be honest i agree with this, buckets wont fit into hive skywars, but there should be any kind of water/lava in my opinion.