Sky Wars vs Sky Wars Kits

Before Sky Wars Kits I played a lot of Sky Wars. I enjoy both of them but wanted to hear other people’s opinion on this. To be honest I think normal Sky Wars is better but that’s probably because I’m used to it.
What do you think?

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I enjoy kits a lot better because I started playing SkyWars when kits were released and have gotten use to having a respawn (void walker kits). Also in general I find it a lot easier to play kits than regular SkyWars.

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In my opinion Skywars is a more stable and developed game, and like I have said before, Kits is still in its ‘diapers’. I like kits when I’m looking for more exciting or wild games, but other than that, there’s not too big of a difference

I’m pretty sure he wanted opinions, not to see which was more liked


I’ll keep this as a non poll for now. I agree with iGabodabo

If I am playing solos or duos I always play kits or else normal ones

I think kits cuz it has so many useful things and are easy to grind i got 17lvl to 30lvl in 2 months without hive+ or any booster

Kits would be better without void walkers
I’ve leaned ways to combat them but sometimes they will just run to the edge and jump
It’s very annoying
At the moment I like them the same bc there’s a lot of good and bad things that even them out

Kits are probably hated because of one thing and it’s called void walker. I mean imagine comboing a guy to void and that guy just respawns and probably comes back to you and kills you which is annoying.