Sky Wars Update Suggestion

At times Skywars can be pretty repetitive here are some suggestions to make the game better (Not to say it isn’t good already)

Spell of Disguise: This would make your name tag disappear for 30 seconds. This could be helpful for both trappers and people running away.

Buckets: This could include Lava buckets and water buckets. This is helpful in many ways such as MLG water buckets.

New Boom Boxes A blindness boombox, a cobweb boom box, think of all the possibilities…

Sorry I got carried away there anyways, what do all of you think about them?

The spell of disguise is not a great idea, it could encourage camping.
Others are okay ig.

buckets are dupes
Cobweb is dupe
As for blindness that’s already In Sg and Is pretty annoying but isn’t a bad thing ig
Disguise is kinda iffy since running would be easier (not something the hive wants to encourage bc i think there’s a rule against holding up the game)
and for trapping you can just shift
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Only thing about buckets is people would leave the contents places and the map would get all messy

Spell of disguise encourages camping and that makes the game unfair for many people wanting to get a quick game. Plus you can use cobwebs and any other stuff like boomboxes to get yourself to have no damage when doing an mlg clutch. The last one is pretty ok.