Sky Wars More Item Variation

Through the handful of Sky Wars games I played, the item pool feels very two sided: you either get diamond items, or chainmail/stone items.

Example #1:
Diamond and gold ores take forever to break with a stone pickaxe. The only way to get an iron pickaxe is through gold ore (if you’re lucky) or by looting one of the chests (if you’re lucky). Now I heard this is being changed so players spawn with an iron pickaxe.

Example #2:
The chests provide you with chainmail armor. In order to get better armor, you have to mine diamond ore or loot a mystery chest (if lucky). Same with the swords, you spawn with a wood sword but then you can get a diamond sword from diamond ore (or an enchanted iron sword from I think emerald ore). Diamond sword is way more OP than wood.

Okay I’m just rambling at this point.
TL;DR just add more item and armor variations and easier ways to get them. I don’t want to fight a player with a wooden sword when they have a diamond sword; I’m going to lose no matter what my armor is.

i made a post about buffing chests and i agree with what you said.
i do think the problem can be partially solved if you have an iron pick and know how to mine ores efficiently

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