Skip idea for death run


add a skip thats a tripple neo

like, have a tripple neo as a skip but make sure there is space to get a run up

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Could you perhaps provide some more information about your idea, and explain the terms you’ve used?


I’m assuming what they mean is to have a triple neo (for those who don’t know what it is I will make a diagram (It’s just a flat wall you have to jump around)


:green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square: ( :green_square: = solid blocks, :white_large_square: = air blocks)

And then have that as a shortcut/timesave on one of the maps in deathrun, as an example off the top off my head, on those tnt bridge obstacles, you could either have to take a long ‘c’ shaped path around, or a shorter path that requires a neo.


voted, I wish deathrun maps were more unique outside of the setting, like if they had shortcuts all over the map and such

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Tripple? What’s that?

So essentially another obstacle that you can choose to go around or take it head on? Would they all take the same shape as the diagram you showed?

I think more obstacles and overall path decisions in death run would be fun! It makes it tough to keep death run fair between platforms. Maybe some more specifics and I can definitely see myself voting for this!

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That jump is very hard for beginners so if they did the jump in a map they would get ahead with a shortcut or ‘skip’.

Ah gotcha, so this suggestion is specific to that exact diagram (jump/skip)?

that diagram is a diagram of a triple neo.
the suggestion is talking about the triple neo