Skin help! I can’t seem to appear as my chosen skin :(


I really love the server but I have a few quick questions regarding my appearance on the server.

When I first joined my in game skin that I usually use (Gunther from Adventure Time) didn’t appear and I was wearing the Steve with an olive green shirt skin. I wanted to appear as something other than that since my friends also wanted to play on the server with me and they had their own skins working. Mine hasn’t been able to appear properly, so I bought the Snowy costume and equipped it. Thankfully that worked and I appear as Snowy, however, I still cannot wear my own Minecraft skins on the server. I even purchased the Furry Friends: Winter sedition skin pack on the server to try and add more skins for me to wear, but those aren’t popping up, and if I try to equip them as my normal Minecraft skin, it still won’t pop up.

How do I go about fixing this issue? I just wanna be able to use my skins that I’ve bought from the Market place and in skin packs!

Please help!

Thank you!

I think some character creator items and skins from the marketplace are not allowed in the Hive because they might make your character unfair for gameplay. For example, an item that makes your character very large may give players a larger target to hit during pvp, therefore it is restricted due to being unfair

Some skins, like that one, are not allowed since it is “unfair for gameplay”. You can read the rules at to learn more.

he litelary posted the darn screenshot on his topic

nvm im blind

If the bottom layer doesnt have much(which might be it), then the server thinks it’s invisible.

But they have mentioned before that all marketplace packs are allowed :thinking:

You will not get punished for marketplace packs, but they may go against the filter.

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