Simple anticheat improvement

Have you ever got annoyed because a hacker isn’t getting banned and keeps on Re-Qing into your games?

Simple idea if a person gets reported by 3+ people then they will get Insta kicked by the anti cheat
Not banned just kicked.

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Your idea is good but this can be annoying in certain cases. Let’s say you’re not hacking and 3+ people decide to report you for no reason, then you will get kicked.

Also note that it is not hard to report players - You can either report them in-game or on the discord server. Moderators will take care of the report as soon as possible!

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I know it’s not hard,

Also what are the chances that 3 people would report you for no reason.

People can just be “too good” in a game so some people would they are hackers.
Overall if this idea gets added I wouldn’t care.


While it’s understandable where you are coming from; this feature would very much be abusable

For instance; it could be used by groups of players simply to have someone kicked, while the anti-cheat is already being improved on a daily basis, it is near impossible to make it perfect, in other words; this would likely cause more trouble than good for the staff team and for the players as a whole :sweat_smile:

As stated by MrBurger, the fastest way of getting rule-breakers punished would be to report them via in-game reporting or in the hive’s discord server: The Hive - Discord ; it may not instantly get players punished however rest assured the Moderators look into each report carefully and punish users accordingly.

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I have seen that happen with sweats


Thanks to you. And @LaggyBoiShay !

I agree with you both, and I have now flagged this!


Also it could happen that, if you are in a squad or something, and your friends decide to troll someone, so they report a particular person, and it would count as more than 3 reports so it would be unfair lol :P

Yes, it would be really annoying especially for partners who are getting targeted by people.


People thought Anti cheat is not working XD they’re wrong

If you want them to stop queing into your games leave that game and enter a minute later, so that they’re in a game that already started. That way yoi don’t have to play against them anymore.

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