Show game stats after death

Show the end of game stats when you die

A lot of players, like myself, try to chuck in as many games as possible, but if you die before the game is over and want to go into another match you don’t get to see the page with all your stats


Final Kills
Treasures destroyed if in TW

This would be nice instead of having to check through your chat to find how many kills you got
Another suggestion could be /show last carnage report like what happens in Halo MCC if you click Y on controller, though given the situation I do think the other idea works better.

Bump because we need this in games like TW and SW.
It does become irritating when I’m grinding (i like to calculate how much xp I gained after a match suggested by a friend to help me grind) This would help and is one of those small features that imrpove the server a lot!!

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I completely agree with this! This would be an amazing and lifesaving feature to have.
Would make it much easier to find your stats especially when you want to know how you are doing per game. :grin: