Should we add a tournament mode? [Treasure Wars disscusions]

Hello! And welcome to ANOTHER Treasure Wars discussion. This time more outgoing than my discussion on the crossbow. To be honest it was a whole Youtube script so I will try my best to shorten it up even thought its still long but try to reflect all my ideas about if on if we should add some form of tournament mode to Treasure Wars! So without waiting like climb the ranks to see if we should add a tournament mode!

*(And sorry this came out much later than I intended. This took a while to make and revise, I wanted to take a little break from this, and just procrastinated this for too long to be honest… But after that let’s dive right in


I’m sure many tryhards, competitive or maybe just high levels feel this but… I feel like high levels, in general, are pushovers and in a way jokes, not because the game is easy but just. Because most high levels I meet I can usually beat and as a tryhard they are at close to best a slight challenge. I feel like we want a challenge of some sort so the new and good players become or keep getting good. And I feel like a tournament system may help this idea

When revising this script they made the major update meaning I had to rewrite most of this BUT while the higher levels may help I think it possibly will make the problem worse than it is since the reason I don’t meet hard opponents is that instead of them playing good, they just play nonstop and with XP multipliers and plus it’s easy to see how levels may not always determine how good opponents are. I can fight a level 25-30 and they could possibly lose to me even though level wise they should win. But with plus and XP boosts he just gets into a call with the squad and just grinds levels. A tournament would try to change that and will show if the opponent is a grinder or the real deal. Let me explain how it will work


this may be “copying” but I think we should do what Fortnite dose in that in their online tournaments you doing certain stuff gives you points and if you have enough points than a certain amount or a certain person you would advance and this would keep going on until a winner! So you would have to do certain things to win instead of camping! Here are some points you can earn and lose:

  • Destroying a Treasure = 2-3 points
  • Getting a FINAL Kill = 1 point
  • Getting 5 SEPARATE kills = 1 point (To clarify; You need to get 5 kills from DIFFERENT people and when you get 5 separate kills it resets. As an example. You kill 5 separate kills and get your points. Now that its reset you can kill those 5 same people AGAIN but not kill 5 of the same people. Final kills do count to this total.)
  • You getting third = 1 point
  • You getting second = 2 points
  • You winning = 3 points
  • You surviving after sudden death = 1 point
  • You dying 5 times = -1 Point
  • You not getting a kill in the last 10 minutes = -1 point (This is to punish just pure camping)
  • Getting last place - -1 point

The way the points are set up. It favors aggressive rushing to get points instead of hiding. This helps to try to minimize camping in-game. It makes you really encounter players and give you a challenge. If we did what usually tournaments did it may promote camping. Which would ruin what I wanted tournament mode to be!

Here are some things to add on

  • Under squads will be another selectable called tournament where you can select it and choose a tournament. Tournaments will be 1-2 times a week. It will start from Saturday or start on Tuesdays and will last 2-3 days
  • There will be 3 stages to a tournament, the qualifiers, the tournament, and the finals and each stage will last around 5 hours to a day. Starting from 3:00 or at the beginning of the day
  • There will be a solos and duos tournament and possibly squads. For duos and squads, YOU MUST invite a friend and not a random for them to count in a tournament.
  • From qualifers to the tournament you need a certain point amount or higher than a certain leaderboard to pass. At the finals, the person with the most points wins
  • Could possibly get more XP than normal modes, 2.5x multiplier


Each time you participate or win a tournament you would get a badge which will be next to your name before the round starts. To show people if your the real deal

There are two types of badges: Participation badges and Winning badges. Participation badges are given out any time you participate in any tournament winning or losing. Winning badges are given out when you win any tournament. Badges could be used Possibly If you get set badges you can get exclusive particles, autobridgers and treasures.

There are 7 badges. You getting 1 badge, 5 badges, 10 badges, 25 badges, 50 badges, 75, and 100 badges. The list of images shown are from left to right. Left being level 1 and right being level 100

Here are the Participation badge:


Here are the Winning badges:


As a side note if you have more than one particular badge it will put a number on the side:


I feel like we should add this gamemode for a few reasons. For one it will bring a challenge to advanced players who really want a challenge instead of going to a game and maybe having a chance of getting someone good for tryhards this could be a blessing. For second if you get more xp that it could possibly grind. A “harder challenge higher reward” type of deal. And third… This is a long one pretty much a mini story so:

I was in a squad with a few good friends playing squads. One of them noticed a friend which is a tryhard and his squad. There where only two teams left no treasure destroyed left and they kept rushing us. We had to play defensive and let me tell you. That was the funnest time with my squad and even I had in a long time. I felt so into the game all having the work together to win. And even thought we lost in the end it was a blast. I felt so alive and so into the game like never before. And even thought that doesn’t represent tournament… It shows how tournament would be a good gamemore. I want more of that experience and thrill. That’s my primary reason I want tournament…


If the staff team or anyone on the staff team can. I would like to see this added. Many tryhards would also possibly like this change!

This is more like a rough draft for what it should be so some things may not work or confuse you so if you want to go ahead and reply about what you think about, what should be changed, maybe if you like or dislike the idea! And i’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while just had a lot on m mind and wanted to play with friends and take a break from posting due to the size of my posts! For a little sneak peek the next Treasure Wars post should hopefully be “The people you’ll meet in Treasure Wars! [Stereotypes in Treasure Wars]” the not really needed spin-off of “The people you’ll meet in Murder Mystery! [Stereotypes in Murder Mystery]” that may not happen! But after that thanks for reading and STAY ULTRA!


Yeah, I like the tournament thing. (Although I would much rather beat up clowns for levels) I want a challenge sometimes though!


This is pretty cool. It would be cool if the most points you ever had was your level

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I think this is what the leader board is supposed to keep track of

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Please add this it would be phenomenal

I think this would be a cool feature to add. Especially for the more competitive players. Good idea.

This honestly sounds like an amazing idea. I love the idea of a separate gamemode for tryhards. What i mean by that is, it is more for the competitive players or those looking to improve. The side i love about this the most is the competitive side of it. I simply mean that within a few hours it is up to the player to gain as many points as they can for rewards such as xp boosts, titles, and badges. I feel like some of the points rewarded for certain tasks may be a bit unbalanced, but the general idea thrills me and i completely understand that feeling as the owner of this post mentioned in the last 2nd to last paragraph. The thrill of an all out battle between tryhards where teamwork, communication, and skill is key and the all out crazy battle is just an amazing idea i would love to see the Hive implement. Hopefully that made sense lol


I’ve thought about doing some sort of community tournament, but I’m not doing a super strict one either because I don’t want to deal with level 4 alex skins camping there base for 20 minutes

This would be trash until diamond armor is nerfed. Good Idea though. Possibly better for survival games atm because it is more balanced as a BETA lol

YES please add this. I’ve spent a lot of my time playing hive tw. And feel I would benifet in a torunment mode. It would also be a challenge every time!

Well diamond armor is nerfed now

I think this is a really good concept that the hive should add like make a ranked mode for treasure wars. It will motivate more players to play competetive too and mby if you hit the max rank you cant get a costume or a title

Pls Hive add competitive Treasure Wars so I can sweat against other sweats!!!

Considering the hive doesn’t want to add winstreaks because of “toxicity” (doesn’t pass the sniff test to be but that’s another can of worms), I severely doubt they’d consider doing tournaments, but I could indeed be wrong

You can vote for ranked treasure wars here


This would be great for The Hive and make more of a bigger “competitive” side towards The Hive tbh.