Should the Hive add Skywars to their bedrock servers?

I love the Hive its my second favorite server, but it would be my first if it had skkywars.


They added build battle a few weeks ago so they probably will not add another game for a few months.
That will probably be a game that I can make traps in so I like the idea.

they’e adding skywars. check the roadmap!


As mentioned above, SkyWars will be added, however, there is no set date for it yet.

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In the future must likely.

Thats awsome! I cant wait!

yes skywars very cool
but do you know what else is cool?


In-game reporting

and ps4 is getting hive

and why did you mention that here? lol

Also there is a way to join hive on ps4 if you have an android device

what cool I didn’t know that

but is it crossplay with pc


ok cool but how do you get it on ps4

I can’t find the video but if you want I can help you do it, you can direct message me here or on discord which would be better. (BlueSlimeMC#2222)

here dm me here @BlueSlimeMC

Problem with adding this and maybe snow fight is lag.
Example Life boat server. They have to much games that’s why they lag, and thats why Hive is the best server.

but hive runs their own software, which is the main reason they don’t lag

cubecraft has like 5/6 games and theyre laggy


Cubecraft has kinda fixed the lag but yeah, lifeboats lag isn’t because of the game amount, more just the hardware isn’t amazing

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Thats probably because of your internet or something

CubeCraft only has 4 games. They always had 4 games for nearly 2 years, and yet CubeCraft is laggy.