Should Anticheat be disabled?

Should Anticheat be disabled for JB? What are your opinions

theres this bug in JB where once the game ends and you’re flying, it’ll get you kicked (this bug has been reported) and im sure there are prob a few more things that will get u kicked from AC

imo I think anticheat prob does more harm then good in JB.


maybe… I can see how it is annoying and flying is already a thing in JB so an anticheat for flying is kind of pointless in jb

I can’t find a flaw in your logic, it probably should be.

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I agree, nobody would use hacks in just build, even if they do, I don’t see them getting any advantage by doing that

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until there was (toast just responded to this)

might be a problem with griefing, I doubt u can get illegal blocks with hacks in JB but using reach to grief others build might be a problem

hive could disable AC in JB without any news so people dont hack in it but one day people will prob find out

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Players cant go out of their build area, even hackers wont be immune to that

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I think there are multiple anti cheats on a server,
so I doubt that only disabling “Fly” anticheat for jb, would cause any harm to other players.

is reach powerful enough to grief nearby builds?

I was thinking of disabling all anticheat for JB but it may cause some potential problems


The bug, as you mentioned, is known about, and we have developers specifically working on it who don’t work on games or anything else.

There are no current plans to disable the anti-cheat on any of our games.