Shop in treasure wars

The game honestly needs to kick you out of the shop if you get hit. So if you are in the shop and you get stabbed you can turn around and stab them back. It would kick you out of the current menus and allow you to back in once the fighting is over unless you want to go into it when you are in combat.

What if you are at your base and your opponent has no sword but you want to buy one, you wouldn’t be able to if you kept getting hit


How do you even get hit while shopping if you aren’t already basically screwed?

Using a different teams shop and I was just stocking up on arrows when I got jumped

If the person rushing you doesn’t have a sword…
Also oof that was a lot of likes lol

That makes more sense now lol

Hi and welcome to the forums @ThatSpecialOne I think the issue with the shop is hiding in it, whilst I will do this for a few second to quickly purchase and hide it isn’t annoying your trying to hit someone hiding in the shopkeeper. Perhaps a timer when you go in the shopkeeper and it kills you if you aren’t in there to long? Please make your title more descriptive as it looks like you want to add a shop or something.

You realize this person hasn’t been on the forums for almost a year right? @Hlzyzptlk

I think he/she just wants to clarify something or maybe did not know that.

Well yeah, but it’s still a necropost. This thread didn’t need further discussion

Ok then hope Nightblockprime sees this to clear up things

He’s totally fine :sweat_smile: I already pinged hipzic to have the thread locked. It was an honest mistake

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