Sheriff's get snowball

It would be like the murderers star but for the sheriff. It is easier to aim with a snowball than a bow.

but the bow is an insta fire beam, and the murderer’s star is for people running away, and because they only have a melee weapon, the sherrif has a ranged weapon

imo sheriffs dont need another weapon, because if used correctly, the bow is op even at close range

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Snowballs? If the snowballs will be like Skywars’/Treasure Wars’ snowballs then that’ll just be annoying.

If it’s going to be the bow but just snowballs, then there’s no point sadly. You just practice making your aim better.

The zapper shoots in a straight line, wether you power it up all the way or click it for half a second. It’s even hit scan, meaning that upon release, as long as the murderer is on your crosshair, they’ll die.

Ok it seems everyone despised of my idea. :frowning: well at least one person other than me voted