Shears for the trapper kit

So the trapper kit is specialised to make traps and kill people but on some maps you’ll notice that there is some wool as decoration for the island so it would be really nice to have shears to break this wool, possibly making the trapper kit slightly more viable.

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This isn’t a good suggestion.

Since you don’t get wool in chests, it’s pretty obvious that your going to try to trap if you make a bridge out of wool, essentially defeating the point of this suggestion.

Instead, there should be a gold pickaxe, since pretty much all bridges are built out of andesite


I mean it’s not bad it’s just useless since there isn’t any wool from chests and not on some maps that I’m aware of.


Bro This ain’t tw

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this is way too specific and situational


Your idea behind this suggestion is good, but I think IhatrMC is right. It would be a lot more useful for it to be a golden pick. I think it would be a good addition for a golden pick to have efficiency on it so that it breaks blocks rather quickly. This would accomplish the same general effect as the shears, but would actually work seeing how everyone uses blocks for bridges. :penguin:

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Why do you need a shear in skywars will is not even a common block

You got my vote :+1:


For reference, this isn’t useful. There’s little to no wool on SkyWars maps anyways, so there wouldn’t really be any use for shears to have in gameplay.
Some players might mistake