SG Golden Apple Effect

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global): Survival Games

What is the bug?: If a player dies shortly after eating a golden apple and joins a new game, they will still have the defense effect, giving them an unfair advantage at the start of the next game.

Screenshots and/or video: I cannot currently provide video evidence due to my setup but could possibly provide one in the near future.

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I think the effect doesn’t actually give them a buff… Welcome to the community!

I’m pretty sure this is a ghost/fake effect, it doesn’t apply

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Also noticed it, and you have the golden heart icon at the right and particles. To check for sure ! Thanks :smile:


hi! please can you tell me how to reproduce it? I will agree if I can find this issue. thank you!

In SG, eat a golden apple just before you die and then go into a new game. You should still have the defense buff the golden apple gave you, allowing you to take more hits at the start of the game.

@Tr0jan This technique doesn’t work. It will still show the effect icon on the side of your game, but the effect doesn’t work. You will not be given extra hearts.

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The issue you’re describing is just a client-side visual glitch, which means that you don’t get the potion effects from the potion.

Thanks :slight_smile: