SG boomboxes in TW

I’ve seen this suggested but not with how to implement it. So here’s what I think:

Fire boom box - 3 emeralds (sets enemies in 4 block radius on fire whilst placing 4 fire randomly within a 2 block radius, throwable). This will help in up close fights.

Frozen boom box - 2 emeralds ( gives slowness to enemies within a 4 block radius, throwable). This can be used to snipe escaping players.

I only mentioned these SG boom boxes because the others would most likely not work due to the island style of TW

Hello !

It’s a good suggestion but I think that SG boomboxes doesn’t fit very well with TW

that’s why I only suggested these specific ones, they’re the ones that work and actually spice up them gameplay.

I like the idea of the frozen boombox since you have time to catch up not really sure about the fire one though.

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No no no we don’t want every single game with boomboxes, we already have enough items in tw plus there’s the block breaking boombox. What’s next, a blindness boombox in hide and seek ??