Servers not working?

My severs have been stuck like this most of the day I’ve restarted my xbox,my connection is good and I still have xbox live gold any reasons why this is?

Hiya this is a known issue that’s currently on-going, I suggest trying to reset your application, relogging into your Microsoft account or even connecting directly via the IP.
If these do not work I’m afraid there’s not much we can do as it’s out of our control but fingers crossed it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


Ahhh okay thank you im just leaving it and trying if it works tomorrow:)

Hey, sorry to ask again but its still like this even though its the next day. Do u know what I can do now?

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Did you try reinstalling Minecraft? If yes, tell me and if no, do it.

If I uninstall it will it delete my worlds or not?

Hey, go to settings, go to profile, then change your storage settings from ‘application’ to ‘external’. Then they will not disappear.

Okay thank you I’ve now got it to work :slight_smile: