Grrr. I bought a hive cotume for a friend, and a 160 costume costs 320?? Wth hive? you ripped me off!

I think what they’re saying is that they got a costume gift that was 320 minecoins and then used it to give their friend a costume that was 160 in the store but the costume gift was 320 minecoins.


The costume gift is always going to be 320 minecoins regardless of the price of the actual costume, as that’s how you buy the costume to be giftable. If you’re purchasing it for yourself you can of course purchase it with through the marketplace. Alternatively, you can always purchase costume gifts at the Quest Master for 1500 QP =)


just wondering, so basically hive will charge players double the amount if they want to gift a costume they purchased from the hive store?