Separate TW Leaderboards

I feel as if Solos, duos and Squad leaderboards should all be separate. Some players prefer to grind solo and feel it being very unfair that all are tied together. Please separate them. I think the grinding for the leaderboards will be alot more fun once they are.


I’m a big fan of this.


I agree with seperating the leaderboards however I think they should wait until prizes are sorted out. I think a Solos,Duos,Squads,Combined Monthly, and All-time would be good


I think that there should be both a separate leaderboard AND a combined one. Great idea though. Well, @ItzDieciesYt , Welcome!


I only want the combined, its easier to play games across the modes and get all the stuff. sometimes I’m solo on squads or duo team, whether you believe that or not its happened many times. though maybe it would change LBs alot. plus it might be more difficult to track if they have to set all that up.


i like this idea

can you explain why you like it? because to me I see it as forcing people to play the same mode, with the same team size, and the same handful of maps, for a whole month

thats not a good way to keep players coming back

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