Separate treasure wars into ranks

I just thought since if your a lower level you wont be put facing a bunch of max level people.

maybe like the first one be lvl.1-5 and then lvl.6-11 11-16 etc.

but you would be put in a higher rank if someone in your party is a higher rank.

Or maybe this could be a new mode like ranked mode.

let me know what you think.

duplicate suggestion

please use the search feature before making a suggestion


And I’m basically going to copy and paste my pretty blunt reponse, 1. spliting queues by level like this would make it difficult to fill games 2. You shouldn’t be rewarded for being low-level, and not punished for being high level, this is cool when you are low level, but as a high level player I would hate this


and it will only divide the players even more, making other tw team modes unplayable due to lack of players

Maybe they could just make a matchmaking thing, like if you are good based on your stats, you will not face « unexperimented » people. Also, to always fill games, if the matchmaking system can’t separate people, they should be facing each other.

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Like a minor system so like 1-5 would be less likely to play 45-50 would be fine. However much more than that would be kinda annoying


Yeah it would make games empty…

you could always make an alt lol