Seeker nerfs, fix problems and suggestions

Hi, today I saw that seekers are OP, have diamond armor and iron sword, and the hiders have an wooden sword, I want to propose some nerfs for seeker to balance the game.

As a seeker you get Diamond Boots and Helmet, they can win as an tank, we need to nerf to an Chainmail Boots and Helmet, so bad tho, we needing to deal 20 hits to kill an Diamond armored dude that can kill you in 3 hits.

The seeker have an Iron Sword that kill you in 3 Hits when actually is 4 hits, we will nerf to an wooden sword to be equal to the hiders.

The cooldown now lost it objective, make the seekers lose energy, but it doesn’t happen when we swing the sword like hell, we need to buff the cooldown, like adding back the cooldown working in swinging the sword and lose 2 points, so the seekers will have hard times.

9th slot item removal
The 9th slot item is actually useful to see how many hiders are left, but I think that we will remove this item, so they will have to find by themselves instead of knowing what hiders are left.

Collision Box Fix for Hiders.
I hate every time I die for an collision box being bad, so my idea is to fix hiders collision box to be like what they look like, not an Steve.

Reach Fix.
The seekers can make the hider die in 7 blocks when they hitted in 5 blocks, we will decrease the reach to 4 blocks and no insane knockbacks.

Hack Detection
This idea is based in Mineplex best idea, this will detect Hackers or will kick the players suspicious of hack of the server and analyze to see if they are clean or hacks were detected.

Kick Rage Quitters of the server.
I’m tired of seeing a player called DoomBoom2 rage quitting every time she is killed, please kick these annoying rage quiiters.

So this is my ideas for suggestions, problems that need to be fixed and seeker nerfs, if you want to add or me to change something, comment.

It’s not really a pvp game and there’s already an anti cheat to detect and kick hackers but for any hackers it doesn’t kick, you can report them in the discord

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And this game is meant to be Hide and Seek, but you’re essentially giving the hiders a way to gang up on the seekers here.

I like the way you laid out your suggestion though.

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The seekers dont have reach if you are higher than someone they can hit your feet but you cant hit them
Removing the 9th item that shows all the blocks left would make it nearly impossible for the seekers to win
And the hiders arent meant to kill the seekers after all its hide and seek not run and fight

I don’t think it should be wooden because whilst it doesn’t take many hits to kill the hiders should be evading, perhaps with speed 1

I will delete it, wait a bit ok?

Closed on the request of original poster.