Scrim community questions

Why do people hate the scrim community?
I get that we can be toxic to newgens, and there are certain communities that are really toxic and unwelcoming, but I feel like that’s slowly changing as the OGs are slowly leaving to “get lives” and or play other games, anyone wanna try starting a movement and do some lobby 1 tw scrims lol, I feel like the day scrims becomes popular in lobbies would be the day the community explodes and finally becomes recognised by people other than the people in our small niche

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Yeah- kinda did myself on that one… I feel like the trend is to become more accepting rn. It’s a new year, new community. Most of the toxicity were from certain people and a lot of those people have retreated back into their shells or left the community entirely.

I don’t really know about NA side of scrim players but my experience in whatever 5-10 games I played in celtic was very toxic

My accent was made fun of and every 2 matches there was always someone being racist and using slurs in vc’s LOL

I haven’t seen ogs being toxic but I’ll take your word for it since you know wayyyy more people

There was also this one time in celtic or some other server where people got doxxed and exposed and that’s also why I dislike being a part of the scrim community… you could be the person getting doxxed instead

The AS community and NA communities are a lot more- slur… accepting??? It’s a really bad mentality to have, because they think their words deal no damage when they use them. The toxic newgens will always be there though, because it was taught to them by other people, and they will continue to keep going. Some servers like rtw have a 0 slur, 0 toxicity policy and we really hope to set the bar for the scrim community going forward.


in fact, many scrim servers have a 0 slur, 0 toxicity rules. I don’t really think scrim servers should be toxic but ngl, some servers which I joined allowed to be toxic IN CHAT because it’s the scrim community I heard and I don’t really think that is valid.

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0 slur, 0 toxicity is a great way to harbour a good community. Sadly many servers don’t really uphold this kinda thing.

even i was given a threat to doxx but turned out that they were just lying about it