Screenshots with Forumers

moha and vivi next to each other :heart:
@Fainxt and mine Pet.


I was playing skywars kits duos with a friend and got loaded

This is screenshots with forumers….

Ok so I don’t know what mod to contact, but why did my screenshot get deleted???

Is there something bad about former helpers?

If this is causing problems, i would at least like to talk about it in dms. Just curious


I remember, it’s because clank said to only post screenshots from hive, not other servers.

Can you quote that please

Ok wait brb.



:frowning: nobody does im lonely

Beasta with her new rank😃 and @Pro_Gamer77946 gifted us both costumes (thank you so much)


Yw glad y’all like the costumes :beedance:

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I didnt know else where to put it? is there a chain for cool pictures or something :beedance:

Brag about yourself maybe?

Chill bruh :face_vomiting:

What do you mean?

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Why you so worked up over a picture I didn’t know where to put :roll_eyes:

I really wish there was a confusion reaction.


I was looking into space lol


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you’ve just joined it’s unlikely ppl know you, and even if they saw u in the hive they probably don’t remember
The average player sees hundreds of players per day
But it’s ok you can meet many new and possible friends here XD


@NFfreak909 Also sorry @Mrcouchman09 i didn’t noticed you that time

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