Same theme(s) on Just Build

The random theme system doesn’t work so well as I keep getting the same theme as I had last round.
It would be very helpful if the developers could add something like a voting system on a specific theme or if the theme had been played last round shouldn’t be picked again for the next 2 - 3 games.

It’s not a suggestion but just a point to get across


I think a voting system is being considered, but the issue with putting something out of rotation is the game runs like over 300 instances, so it would be impossible to do that, also I feel as if the themes work fine, but obviously you and me have probably had different experiences


I usually get the exact same theme as I had previously…


It seems more with me (granted I don’t play a whole lot), that I’ll get themes all in a similar general category, but for the most part its good, granted the time you play and other factors also play a role in that, obviously you and me may not have the same experience, I do hope theme voting is added though, as some themes just aren’t as great as others