SakuraZami's Giveaway

Before I get onto the winners I’d just like to give a thanks to everyone who entered <3

The winners as as follows:

Hive + rank: @itzdonaterik, @celly004

Costumes: @ItzAvocadoYT805, @HudsonDog59, @Crossyroad1223, @foxygirl2203 and @Mackoozie

Please contact me on Discord SakuraZami#9999 or here on the forums to get your gift :smiley:

Heya everyone Kyle here again.

Since my last giveaway was successful I’m back with another and even better one this time to hopefully make more peoples day better and bring some good spirits overall :smiley:
Up for grabs this time is as follows:
Hive+ rank (2 winners)
Costumes (5 winners)

All you have to do is comment your IGN and a good moment you’ve had on the Hive and you’ll be entered (All names will be entered and chosen at random)

I hope everyone has a great day and I would just like to take a second to thank the staff members of Hive for making this community what it is and for being so welcoming to everybody <3

Winners will be chosen on the 5th of May(Wednesday)
Best of luck to everyone entering!


@ItzDonaterik and Omer need Hive+
ItzDonaterik (Hive+ 1) and DrawingWithOmer1 (Hive+ 2)

Comment - I had added a player in game, and after a few months when we got to discord, it turned out she was my classmate! I really liked how the Hive was a place we both met up on :smiley:

Thank you so much for hosting this!


That’s so kind of you Kyle. A great thing had actually happened yesterday! I’ve truly enjoyed BlockDrop so far and Hive came with a game changing update which is very fun. Games are a lot faster now so me and my friend played it for quite some hours yesterday!

My ign is Lime2352 :))

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IGN: “ashy is qt”

Good moment: the anticheat actually worked in one game holy-

Edit: I edited it since it’s 5 winners now lol I gotta get my alt Hive+ smh 5 costumes/2 Hive+ gifts are much more worth it

Grand move, thank you mate.

My IGN is the same as my forums name

one game, ive a team that actually helps each other, giving out gear to those who needs it and had situational awareness in where and when to go. helps each other in a fight so that it would never be a 1v2-4

we celebrated and in a sense, pat each other in the back after the round ended in a win

good luck and congratulations to those who won, if i got a costume i would give it to any other person who wants it. im fine with my mc skin

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prize: 2 hive plus ranks
my favourite moments on hive are maxing games, particularly mm

Prize: Hive+ Rank/Ranks
Ign: If I win, I’ll dm you
Best moments on hive: Meeting some awesome friends!

Ign : ItsVaix
Prize : 5 Costumes ( When i win I’ll say what I want from the costumes)
Best moments on hive: HIVE 2020 NEW YEAR EVENT


IGN: IanSkopje100032
Prize: 5 Costumes (I’ll say which ones if I win)
Best moment: Getting max level in Just Build and also the new years event. May 2021 be a better year.
Also big thanks and cheers for hosting this giveaway lad!

I need hive+
i never had one for almost 2 years and im trying to get one :frowning:
My ign is : OnlySettings

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Best moment on the hive:loving onto the server to play with my friends and making new ones while playing

This is all true I didn’t make any thing up to get a rank

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5 costumes shall for be mine hehe
IGN: ThunderWolf330

Moment: when hive buffed the xp in BD!


priz: costumes
Trapping A LOt of people and having fun with my friends (note i do enjoy playing with friends :))

Lol ok
Welcome to the forums :smiley:

thank you so much @ItzChaosHere !
really apriceiate it

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IGN: Ian2061

Moment - I remembered when the Hive enchanted the Ember Sword and I was confused since the enchantment Flame I can be only infused on a bow, thought of reporting it, but nah, im too lazy

Prize: Hive+

Good luck to everyone

Ign : DrawingWithOmer


Best moment for me is the 2020 event :+1:

In-Game Name: CIuliusCaesarIV
Good Moment on the Hive: I had so many good moments on the Hive. One good moment I had on the Hive was me finishing first in the DeathRun map of Toys with a time of 53.983. This was my personal best time of all time on that map.

Thank you so much @SakuraZami for offering this, and best of luck to everyone else entering this giveaway!

Quick Question: Do you have to specify whether you are trying to get Hive+ or a costume?
If so, I would like to be entered into the Hive+ drawing.

IGN: EggFlu

Hive+ , very certain that he’d be so happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

One good moment I had on the Hive is seeing someone stare at me with diamond armor in treasure wars, turned around and fell off the bridge.

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