Saddest thing in the hive you've experienced

Saddest thing in the hive you’ve experienced

You heard it I’ll start it off.

I ender pearled clutched, looked down placed my block right underneath me and then the block pushes me to the side and I fall to my death D:


Used the kb tnt in sw to fly. It was my first time using it so I didn’t know how far it could yeet you. I went flying and tried to Pearl clutch but died from the damage of the pearl. That’s why I lost a tournament lmao


I threw a pearl and it missed by one block D:

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Idk, an admin unfriended me.


Who was it?

Public shaming is bad unless someone does something terrible.


In skywars Someone had the same skin as me and sacrificed himself and lowered the health of a full diamond armored foe

(I lost the guy was lvl 34)

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When i lost to some random with dia armer even though i destroyed him the entire fight


On another team i spotted someone block placing there own teamate.

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I threw a prot 1 diamond hat into the void thinking I already put it on.


Okay so this is more funny that sad but…me and my friend were playing solo SW and she had knocked me off the edge, but someone threw a regular book box and it knocked me back onto the platform and made me not die. I then murdered both their faces and won.


i forgot to log on for the 112th time on the Hive. Lost my streak.


This was very funny to me but sad for these (noobs) I was playing SG DUOS and there was that type of person that spams chat with random stuff about non Minecraft stuff (usually PC players because they can type fast). So back to what I was saying they both had hive + one was level 9 other 2 at the time I was level 14. I said I was going to win but their response was “hah you will lose” so I saw one and then I killed her but I called her a noob and she was all mad that I said that and saying that they are better than me and all that stuff even though I killed them and I had a higher level. Next I killed their teammate and again I called them a noob. So until the game ended they kept being a crybaby but at death match they noticed I was mobile (iPhone player what is even harder). Then next round I killed both at the same time with a stone sword (one had diamond boots and iron sword the other had only a iron sword) then I called them a noob (again) then they gave me this face >:\
Some it all up if to PC players lose to an iPhone player they are very bad at Minecraft

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Minecraft “veteran” breaks server rules


I used a knock back tnt and in mid air I got hit by a arrow/snowball and fell because of that

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I could tell they have been playing Minecraft for a few years or less

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stop assuming they aren’t people who played any version, spin-off or edition of MC for a year
maybe they just aren’t good on PC


you aren’t the god of minecraft, i’m not the god of minecraft and nobody else is the god of minecraft. not even Notch, which is the original creator

how the heck is someone from a platform bad at the game if they get defeat by a player from a other platform
Minecraft is not and never was a pvp game

smh you need to stop

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smh @Arthur78234 just stop being a control freak and take everything so seriously


I was destroyed by a level 22 in treasure wars

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saying noob isn’t even toxic lol