Rosa's Monthly Costume Giveaway - May 2022

IGN: @pineappleYT7261
minecraft gamernametag: pineappleYT7261

I would like the officer11 costume

And I am a hive nerd and plays alot so it would be good if I ever got a costume before mixed arcade so I can go crazy with this costume.

I like hot caoca and evidentp

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My ign is JTmicrosoft and I would like the black knight costume. I like cofee more than tea but im not really allowed to have it so yeah

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Ign- @Decoyzs
Costume- his choice
Drink preference- I don’t like tea or coffee
so it’s water ig or some cold drinks


IGN: Slime6194
Costume: Night crow
Tea or cofee: I like Tea~~~

Thanks for hosting this, I hope I win!
Good luck u guys~

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My IGN is: zPeaw0
I would like to have the costume Miner Pig and I prefer fruit juice, I would drink all the juices of fruits and wouldn’t get bored!

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IGN: @DovinBaan76
Costume: Ice King
Coffee or Tea: really hard question but right now I’d say tea!:tea:

Good luck y’all💖

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I’m here to announce the winners of this giveaway; I decided to choose three winners instead of two this time round :blobheart:

aaand our lucky winners are:

  • zPeaw0 (@zPeaw0)
  • RemetirGang8 (@RemetirGang8) - Could you let me know what other costume you’d like? Seems you already have the Globey costume :sweat_smile:

I will gift all three of you your costumes within the next hour and will edit this post once I’ve done so <3

Edit: Enjoy your costumes Ayaan and Peaw <3 Remetir still needs to choose a different costume


Thank you everyone who participated, I’ll see you all again next month :white_heart:


The duck costume i forgot the name

could you link me to it so i don’t end up gifting you the wrong costume? thank you! <3

I’m not even joking, I joined to server and I yelled in happiness when I saw the text :sweat_smile:, thank you so much!

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congratulations to whoever won
thx rosey for hosting this

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There you go :blobheart:


Giveaway Ended - Congrats to the Winner! :slight_smile: