Rosa's Monthly Costume Giveaway - May 2022


Giveaway time! My bad for not posting this topic yesterday, even though I planned to I got a little busy :sweat_smile: but anyways, like always, thank you Decoy for this giveaway format <3

To be entered, simply mention the following things in a reply to this topic:

Costume: (Ensure that it is a Costume currently available on the Marketplace)
Do you prefer Tea or Coffee? :0 If neither then; what’s your favorite drink?

Please only enter once, and only enter a friend if they have not yet been entered, this is to ensure everyone has a fair chance at winning! (I will simply ignore duplicate entries)

This giveaway will end on 14th May, 2022. There will be two winners this time round.

Goodluck everyone! :blobheart:

Entered Users (42)

this list will be updated as needed

  • Cy3rSpace
  • Akricap
  • CreeperWEEB
  • ceoricon
  • Mrcouchman09
  • King Leo 569
  • xztreemnz
  • Ncgamez97YT
  • FawnBongo51045
  • ThqtzKqrma4u
  • Wizzotech
  • The Max 187
  • xBrogamerzx
  • beasta7070
  • ELLmatt2005
  • james combos
  • RemetirGang8
  • iGaboDabo
  • NFfreak909
  • Macawoon
  • Adriel1658
  • MiauMiez
  • Frosty Boy5591
  • D2Prince
  • Axolotlking4217
  • EnzoPVP2300
  • ShanelPlayzZ
  • owhyumad
  • FloodedVoyage45
  • MagicGazelle37
  • bugsbites
  • gameboi4784
  • FourCandy45504
  • FatalError65
  • AlienEater8
  • pineappleYT7261
  • JTmicrosoft
  • Decoyzs
  • Slime6194
  • zPeaw0
  • DovinBaan76

IGN: @Cy3rSpace
Costume: Whichever he likes
I like both tea and coffee but I rarely drink them both


IGN- @Akricap
Costume- his choice
Tea or cof- TEA, I’m an Indian and I LOVE tea
Thanks for hosting rosey!

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Ing: CreeperWEEB
Costume: fire queen
Drink: i prefer pepermint tea the best but theres days i only drink coffe


Costume - Globey or the globe type costume
Drink - Tea I am also Indian and i love tea

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Ign: @ceoricon
Costume: whatever they want!
Tea or coffee: I like coffee, tea is literally Leaves in water.


IGN: Mrcouchman09 :couch_and_lamp:
Costume: Potter Costume :potted_plant:
Tea or Coffee?: Tea, Because of Boba Tea / Milk Tea :bubble_tea:

Thanks for Hosting! :relaxed:
Good Luck Everyone! :four_leaf_clover:

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IGN: King Leo 569
Costume: (Ensure that it is a Costume currently available on the Marketplace)- Surprise me
I prefer tea over coffee

Thanks a lot for hosting this and gl everyone!!

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IGN: xztreemnz
Costume: Friendly Dragon
I prefer tea than coffee :slight_smile:
Thanks for hosting!

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I do like tea over coffee

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Ign: FawnBongo51045
Costume: The one he likes to get
I prefer coffee over tea and specifically ice coffe

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IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Costume; Whatever she likes :sunglasses:
I prefer Tea.

Cheers for hosting and good luck to everyone!

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IGN: Wizzotech
Costume: Circut Costume
Do you prefer Tea or Coffee: Tea

Thanks for hosting and good luck to all! :beedance:

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IGN: The Max 187
Costume: surprise me
Tea or Coffee: defintely tea
thx for hosting

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IGN: xBrogamerzx
Costume: Whatever they want
Tea/coffee: Yeah definitely tea!
Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

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IGN: beasta7070
Costume: friendier dragon
Tea or coffee: I don’t drink them but if I would I would probably drink tea

Thank you so much for hosting these giveaways :smile:

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IGN: @ELLmatt2005

Costume: whatever he wants

Tea or Coffee: Water

Thanks Rosa!

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Costume:whatever he wants (might want to use his discord because he is not that active)

Tea for sure

Thanks for hosting the giveaway

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Ign: RemetirGang8
Costume: globey
I like water
Gl to all

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IGN: iGaboDabo
Costume: I’ll chose if I win
Favorite drink: Tbh I don’t drink too many things except water

Thanks for hosting this Rosa!

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