Rework the Ban policy a bit

So I mostly agree with the hive’s ban/mute policy. (Except for the no disclosing punishments but thats not what I’m talking about here), but there is one part that does indeed annoy me slightly. In the faq page you can find here it says this which I think should be modified “We do not shorten or undo valid punishments”. I agree with the undo one, but I think the shortened one could change slightly, like if someone uses a client once, gets the punishment they deserve and shows some remorse, I think knocking a few days off a ban should be possible, but not mentioned so people won’t just go “cAn yOU pLeASe sHOrTen mY BAn” when its mrhacksalt69 yknow. However putting this particular policy seems a bit messy, like if someone comprimises my account somehow and hacks using it, and I get reported and banned, its for a valid reason, but seems unfair to ban for 30 days, however I don’t think this should be mentioned in particular, since things could get messy, but dropping the no shortening policy seems smart too me

Now I understand this has issues, but the forums is a place for discussion, and I want to bring this up, as it seems like a small oversight/ slightly unreasonable

Also for the record I am not defending hacking, if you have that is stupid no matter the circumstance, but having this policy in also doesn’t seem quite right either

Agreed. Someone hacking into an account is definitely possible and while you are responsible for your own account, it isn’t deserved and encourages ban evading.

Another thing they could do is Security Alerting. If your account gets logged on from a suspicious location(not where you usually are) and there is suspicious activity from the account, it should be locked down until the owner of the account resecures it.


Security alerting is a microsoft thing probably, but yeah

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Lol yeah, I don’t think the hive admins wanted to deal with that bees nest,
sorry I’ll head out

Wait is it?!

EDIT: Yes it is. I just checked out the notifications for the replyes for that post.

Personally I think the policy is fine , shortening’s would be somewhat be nice to users who actually are sorry and don’t wanna be banned again but I stick with the thumb of once banned you’re banned for that length against you get appealed (if eligible.)


This might cause players to get annoyed if they don’t get their ban/mute shortened. I think the way it works now is fine. Just don’t break the rules.


That’s why I think they should quietly change this

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people that get hacked .

He meant for those who get their account haxed