Reward(s) for watching the official Hive creator tournament?

So on Twitter The Hive hinted towards a official Hive creator tournament with a large prize pool a while back.

What if The Hive gives out a exclusive cosmetic for watching the tournament?

At first I was thinking they could enable Twitch drops, but that will probably be quite complicated and likely requires a lot of negotiating with Twitch. But what if The Hive sets up a bot in Twitch chat, so if you do “/reward” in chat during the tournament, the bot will automatically send the viewer a unique code for the cosmetic in DMs that they can then /redeem on The Hive.

To prevent the chat from being flooded with “/reward”, Nightbot should automatically delete the message afterwards with a 1 second time out.

Codes for the cosmetic should expire after a certain date to prevent them from being potentially sold on Ebay or other websites.

A reward would certainly incentivize people to watch the official Hive tournament, and it would bring more awareness to the tournament.


Is the Hive planning to stream it or just the creators? B/ if it is the creators will each of them have the bot to claim a reward?

Well I assume it will be streamed on a official Hive Twitch channel with spectators flying around to give different view points. But if this is not the case and only the streamers will be streaming it from their POV, then I guess a work around would be a global code for the cosmetic that anyone can use during the day of the tournament.

A global code will still spread awareness that a big tournament is happening on that day.

Or the exclusive tournament cosmetic can be displayed in the hub, like how the recent 3rd birthday costume was displayed. When you click on the NPC to claim it, a message should pop up telling players about the tournament.

This can be another work around, but it might be a bit more complicated so a global code that is valid for 24 - 48 hours will probably be better. Steamers wouldn’t have to worry about setting up a bot.

not a bad idea

I think they should do the same thing clank did the with the early access flompa costumes, which is like “/redeem” and then some random letters like “Lm8Ik2o”

kinda how a CS works

What if the player who wins the tournament gets to choose the hubtiles and avatar or maybe the whole costume!

Cool idea btw

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Kinda like what Galaxite did. That might be cool.
The Hive could do both. Everyone receives a cool cosmetic for watching the tournament, and the winner gets to have a cosmetic on the server based around them.