Reward for 100 Mailbots hunt! Pet (Suggestion)

I was thinking about something cool and special that can fit the hunt because, to be honest, the hunt wasn’t easy kekw :sweat_smile: :eyes:

I’d love to see a goldy pet friend named Gold Mailbot, following me around the arcade and hive hub! It would be very cool if the golden mailbot turns into a pet once you have done the 100 mailbots hunt!

More information:

You can only get the pet once you get the 100 mailbots :0

The Hive has said before pets will not be available for free.


I like the idea but I’m kinda tired of seeing those evil golden mail bots lol :rofl:


Hmmm , well I personally agree with this finding 100 golden mailbots just for some place to hangout is stupid and your just wasting your time as @Glowthief told That pets wouldn’t be available for free we could atleast get a costume/hub title.

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As Splodg3r said it could be on the form of cosmetics let’s just wait for the tweaks to be released

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I’m actually working on a pet/costume concept at the moment!

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Nice haha! Woohoo