Revert Block Changes

This Bridge update brought the block given in the beginning of the round from 2 stacks to 1. It also made it so you gain 32 blocks if you’re below that amount after you die. This is a great idea because it fixes problems where players are out of blocks but I’m not so sure about the stack being reduced. 64 blocks is too little in my opinion. You burn all your block when you try to bypass players, makes it harder to shape the map to your liking, and makes defending your hole a non-validible option. It also makes the game longer because you start to trade kills a LOT late game. Some players get sick of the fights and instead try to bridge all the way to the hole which ruins the experience. Either this change should be reverted or be changed into something else. It could instead be when you die you gain 16 blocks and it caps at 64. I think this would fix all the problems I listed above and create new strats instead of bridging to the hole and ignoring fights

I kinda agree with lesser blocks considering alot of players are just spamming blocks altogether and not even trying to fight the enemy itself.

The whole point of bridge is that funny blocks go brrr, a stack of blocks is so little and I really don’t like having to die or score to finish my terraforming