Reporting stats

Something i just randomly thought of.

If we could have a command like /reportstats

We can see how many people we reported, and how many people have gotten banned from your reports, and specifically for what reason

An example of this would be


Reports: 25
Banned from your report: 18
Autoclickers banned by your cause: 4
Knock-back resisters banned from your cause: 8

And so on and so forth. If anyone has any extra ideas for this, just let me know. Of course, all of this will be accessed by a command, and will be private just for the user

Searched for a dupe and couldn’t find one

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Uhh aren’t u not allowed to talk about punishments in the forums

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I think this might have been fairly obvious, but I’m talking about in the game, not on the forums. Did you even read this post?


Ohh k then yea would be useful

He was talking about in-game reports :person_facepalming:

i still think its staff information, even in-game

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You still get the message by mailbot, saying that your report got accepted

someone verify this

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k I alr knew that before u posted

not from every report, its like every 5 accepted reports

How about the reports reported in the last 7 days or 30 days

We don’t typically share punishment information, it is kept private for a range of reasons, mainly due to the unwanted drama it can cause. It shouldn’t be a competition on how many valid reports you can gain. We added the quest point system to give players an incentive to report correctly. Another cause of conflict would be that players would get angry with their report verdicts, harassing staff in the process. This happened on Hive Java, and didn’t create a nice atmosphere. For now, in my opinion, the QP system is enough. We thank everyone that reports correctly, but I hope you can understand that punishment information must be kept private.


I totally understand what your saying. But…

I didn’t say it was. Its essentially just gathering how many reports you filed and how many of them have been accepted. You could even do this on paper and pencil. But it’s just easier if the hive saved this data.

This is possible, but it won’t specify what reports you didn’t get accepted. It would only show how many reports you filed and what’s right and wrong.

I wasn’t on the hive java, so I didn’t know the experience. But i’ll take your word for this.

This will not be available on the API, just accessible to the singular user with a command

It’s the choices of people if they want to share their report stats.

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I understand that you, personally, weren’t saying it was a competition. But I can easily see it becoming one. In a sense that “I have 30 accepted reports”. “Well, I have 39”. Users would still get angry over any reports being denied or “not banned from” a player’s report. It would cause a lot of unnecessary drama between staff and players.

Even if it wasn’t available on the API, we still don’t tell players when we have banned someone with their report. On the discord the message states only that the report has been handled, not if a player has been punished. We just don’t share such information.

I understand some players would like to know where they’re going wrong/right when filing reports, but that is what our QP system is for. Most people wouldn’t use this to see if they’re acting right or wrong anyways, it’ll be used as a competition. Unfortunately, that is the nature.

We really appreciate those who file correct reports for us, we dedicate a lot of our free time into dealing with reports on the server. Therefore, the Quest Point system was implemented, to give back and encourage more correct reporting. Having a generally good report reputation will help you earn more and more QP.

Sorry if anything I explained doesn’t make sense, I tend to run on :sweat_smile: