Reporting robots

I’ve had at least a couple of incidents now where I spotted what looked like a normal player, but something was wrong. Their arms were held straight out in front of them like a zombie, and their movement did not seem normal. I have come to the conclusion that they were some kind of player bot. I encountered one in Sky Wars who was speed-bridging WHILE HE HAD A SWORD IN HIS HAND! There was another bot (also in Sky Wars) who threw at least six or seven ender pearls trying to escape the void. I don’t think a normal player could have found that many. In conclusion, it would be great if there were an option for reporting robots.

those are just players using special skin geos

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What about the guy bridging with no blocks?

Also, suspiciously enough, both of the other players I’ve seen acting suspiciously were AFK at least 85% of the time, as if their AI wasn’t functioning right.

thats a hacker, you should report them lol

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Just to clarify, skins with the zombie arms are allowed. Bridging without blocks is likely cheating, so I’d advise to report them for that. If you see that a player is AFK, then you can also report them for being AFK, as XP farming (intentionally AFKing to gain XP is against the Hive rules). You can just report them for one of these reasons =) Thank you!

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